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What our customers are saying

Jan provided great insight and guidance in helping us develop a business strategy for our organization. He evaluated, trained, and developed our top and mid-level managers on TOC methodologies and practices. His contributions directly relate to our current and sustaining success as a business.

Robb Bass, Owner Interlaken Technology Company LLC

Jan’s consulting work is having a tremendous impact on our organization’s performance. His unique ability to think strategically and improve business processes has resulted in improved on-time performance, enhanced quality, and meaningful business performance metrics.

Brian Nichols - Fractional CFO

For many years Jan has been a bench mark for me in terms of excellence in leadership. Jan has a solid command of what it takes to lead an organization in continuous improvement and create financially profitable results. Jan has shown what it takes to create healthy sustainable growth as an organization strives to become a leading supplier to the markets it serves.

Ken Ballard - Continuous Improvement Manager at Sylva Corporation Inc.

Jan is an outstanding manufacturing executive who has learned and applied Lean, Six Sigma, The Goal, to his professional challenges. Jan consistently improved the (company name) manufacturing capabilities and was a true leader for his team. He understands and optimizes the use of manufacturing systems. I recommend Jan to any manufacturing organization requiring manufacturing innovation.

Douglas Donaldson  - President at Journey 121 LLC

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